Sunday, October 19, 2014

Partial Project Summary History
Project descriptions
Technologies and skills
Signal/Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

Tank image recognition from satellites
3-D stereoscopic extraction algorithms
Submarine signature recognition from acoustic underwater phased arrays
Expert Bayesian system, parameter tuning, phased array signal processing correlogram
Stock market statistical arbitrage
Creating models based on financial fluid flow dynamics and correlations of stock prices. Forecasting (Tuck).
Credit card fraud pattern recognition.
Spending pattern irregularities alerts
Sound triangulation/sniper system
Asymmetric phased arrays and reflection calibration algorithms
Biometric recognition systems

Face, finger print, retinal, voice and infra-red vascular recognition
Feature extraction, registration algorithms, noise removal, large dataset management. Eigenvectors, wavelets, 3-D convolutions, cluster analysis.
Eye gaze tracker
Real time image processing. Head rotation modeling.
Truth detection systems
Automating polygraph parameter sensors and voice stress. Emotional context modeling through vocabulary templates.
Gesture recognition
Hand gestures conversion to computer commands
Brain Print Recognition
Utilizing many samples, human brains have a unique MEG/EEG brain “hum” and cluster analysis can be done to recognize mental illnesses and uniqueness of individuals. (Lockheed Martin is doing research on recognition of precognitive signals of objects. Berkley also just released a paper showing how to discriminate between 1024 visual objects.)
Supercomputing Applications

Various projects including FFT optimization
Vector Pipeline, BBN Butterfly, Hypercube, Viking Boards
Artificial life simulations, gas lattices
Specialized Hardware, genetic and evolutionary algorithms.
Grid computing
BEA and Oracle distributed grid computing
Computer generated holography
3-D spatial FFT on BBN’s connection machine. C-paris parallel programming language. Fortran 77.
Speech Recognition/Identification

Voice recognition/identification
BBN Hark’s system.Markov modeling, n-grams, context probability models, speaker independent models
Models of discourse and planning
Studied under world renown Barbara Grosz, graduate school adviser Harvard
Natural Language parsing and AI knowledge networks
CIA project. Focused on pronoun reference algorithms.
Biomedical Projects

Soldier 2000 project
Connecting vital sensors to a wireless bodyLan . DARPA.
Robotic Surgery in Medicine for the Army
Haptic feedback, latency time compensation,  tremor filtering, object touch recognition
Virtual Reality in Medicine
Overlays of fMRI scans onto patient for real time surgical applications
Virtual Reality 3-D Reconstruction Teleconferencing
Carnegie Mellon University. 3-D reconstruction of objects in the teleconference room.
EEG controlled robots
Relatively simplistic mental state recognition to control direction of robot. Discriminant function analysis.
Neural network controller for “INFANT” robot
Designing robot controllers to learn to grasp objects that mimic human babies. Mentor: Dr. Kuperstein (MIT)
Retraining the brain to interpret tactile feedback as visual information
Brail interfacing also used by Navy for Sonar feedback on tongue tactile vision systems.
Research / simulations in cybernetic hive mind work groups
(BBN) Increasing the hypothetical efficiency of integrated rapid communication technologies.
Neural network control system for leg muscle stimulation to make paralyzed people walk again
Engineering of extoskeleton. Control systems for non-linear biological models due to muscle fatigue.
Digital circuit / systems design

Cascadable digital neural network chip
VLSI design, production, testing
Wearable ubiquitous computing systems
Enhanced reality, enhanced cognition. Heads up display borrowed from NASA for entrepreneurial venture.



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    1. Do you have a way to detect satellite- directed (weaponry energy) terrorism in the U.S.? People are being tortured, paralyzed, and murdered with these microwave systems. You can email me kimber8887@aol. Com

  2. Thank you very much for all of your work towards helping people with these crimes Dr. Rorbert Duncan. I've almost finished reading your book How to Tame a Demon, and your answers are very helpful to a targeted individual like me.

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  4. Hi, I have an important question please. Russia banned all psychotronic weapons on july 27, 2001. Bulgaria banned them earlier than this but I can't find the exact date. I have heard there are about 45 countries that have banned them. I'm guessing the Buddist countries have since I've encountered fewer Asian Perps than any other demographic...The question..What are these 45 countries. Anybody know? Thanks.

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  6. Addendum it supposed to say thanks for helping people of these crimes gov is doing the targeted individuals. Its actually worse then war crimes what they are doing. Now they got the whole under mind control. Can you explain what they use to paralyze a target? Like if they are torturing them to make them pace etc?

    1. They can make you pace, feel like you have a burst of energy, make you feel rage or sadness....just about any emotion or action you can think of they can do it. They can make you have love or hate for someone or something, and even make you think your hungry when your not or put thoughts in your mind to go by something. The techy they have is far more advanced then people want to believe. These psychopaths have been screwing with my brain since I was born. Everything I once knew about my life was not true, they had erased memories but I've been remembering and have also been having flashbacks. Our government, military, and the alphabet agencies are all pure evil Satanists....Lord have mercy on this world.

  7. You know.. we give as much respect as we can to TIs.

  8. Do you have an email? My brother in law is going through some very similar things, and he would like to discuss it with you.

  9. Mr. Duncan-
    With all of the threats and terrorism that has been conducted on the targets and their families, don't you think it would be appropriate to publish the names of these terrorists and the locations of the com centers that these operations are being done from? or are you going to sell the names and locals to the highest bidders? It doesn't take a degree to figure out that the experiments on the unimportant in society are just to use on the very important and powerful... just imagine... what they have done to the powerbrokers and the rulers of this world and their families.. i would imagine that the names of the perpetrators and their locations would make a person very wealthy... if not.. i am sure that dropping some names on the "darknet" or assorted IRC channels would be useful? it seems that threatening one's family would bring awful consequences... ?

    1. 2 insiders expose the targeting from inside-intel sources to Alfred Webre. Nearer the end, you'll hear someone explain as an eye-witness (Brannagon) to various victims of this torture in the United States and how its done, how many and what they use. Heads-up. It will anger you --

    2. Journalist John Nagel & Vincent Brannigan

    3. He won't drop any names, he was bought a long time ago he works for the government just like John Hall, Katherine Horton, Bryan Tew, David Icke and Zeph Daniels all working for the government.

  10. Dr. Robert Duncan, I am Angie from Victurus Libertas. We have a website and a truth channel on Youtube, in which we have a special focus on political and govt corruption. We have interviewed several people regarding Targeted Individuals. We have interviewed actor Stephen Shellen, who has been targeted; Dr. John Hall, who has been targeted; and this weekend, we are interviewing Dr. Katherine Horton, former CERN employee and high energy physicist, who has also been targeted.

    We have also interviewed Cynthia McKinney, Sherry Peel Jackson, Field McConnell as well as Robert David Steele many times. We were wondering if you may consider coming on our channel and telling our viewers a bit about this technology.

    This is our channel:

    Please let me know your thoughts. You can reach me by email:

    1. Katherine Horton is a government agent and is not a real targeted person.

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  12. I finally finished a paper I I started in 2010. And I included the following in regards to your book. If you feel you are experiencing symptoms do to wireless radiation exposure and wonder if it’s because you’re an activist, part of some experiment, or are under surveillance, aka “targeted individual” and want to know more than I have explained, ALOT more, from one fantastic source, please read ‘Project Soul Catcher” Volume 2." Using the link below you can view or download. Its 270 pages so depending on your connection it may load and or download slowly. I begin explaining my understanding of wireless “smart” technology and how its framework for a control process today - out to America 2050. I began with that because I consider the timing of that understanding of utmost importance. Its crucial today to understand wireless technology is simply another step in a process that has taken over the whole direction of the United States since the 1960’s. This introduction is followed with the essay to hopefully answer all the readers’ questions explaining multigenerational hidden truths.

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  14. No self, no freewill, permanent.